Bio English

Off cource you want to know more about the unique artist Merel
Moistra. What you don't want to read is the obligatory succes-story.
This is not the place to ladida ad infinitum spell out her complete
and impressive résumé.

We can sum it up real quick: Merel has been everywhere, did it with
everybody and everywhere she went, everybody found her to be

This leaves enough to tell. For who is Merel?

Merel is a professional singer-songwriter who writes songs to fall in
love with. Songs with a purpose, that like a heat-seeking missile
find their way to your softspot. Songs that breathe like
a peacefull city-square, where there is no judgment. Where there is
room for every thought that might enter your mind. Her songs don't
give answers, but pose interesting questions. Questions that cast
light where light normaly doesn't travel. Merel likes things that seem
to contradict one another. Merel is like that herself. Merel is a lot of
different things to a lot of different people.

To people with a sharp division between illusion and reality, Merel
is a person that pretends to be a woman.

To people that mistake thier own take on things for the truth and
never question thier concepts, Merel is a trans-sexsual. A nice and
expensive little word that holds no meaning in it self, but to the
people who misuse it seems to work as a high pressure valve.
Nor the term, nor the people who use it, nor the the people
who experience enlightenment from its (ab)use are highly valued
by Merel.

People that are prepared to use a wider definition of the term
female, will notice that Merel will qualify without much trouble.
To these people Merel is a woman.

To People who confuse the label with the content Merel is a
blackbird*, and to people that want to see Merel as a valued
member of the humanrace and judge her on her behavior, Merel
is just Merel and a good friend. Notice that this term does not imply

For people who don't know how to behave around a woman like
that: Do what you always do and you will get the same result.
For everybody that does not understand all that was said above
and to rule out any form of misunderstanding: Merel is going to
hell, and you are all going with her!!!!

* This one got lost in the translation since Merel is the dutch
word for blackbird.